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Featured Patient Stories

As doctors, there is nothing better than seeing our patients and their families feeling better and moving on. We're honored and inspired in sharing these stories of bravery and medical breakthrough with you.

We were enjoying a family Spring Break vacation on Grand Bahama Island when the accident happened. Our son Tyler was watching his father hit golf balls into the ocean by our condo when I heard my husband's call for help. As I ran toward the water, I saw Jon holding Tyler in his arms. Tyler's face was covered with blood and he wasn't talking. Tyler had run in front of my husband while he was swinging his golf club and was accidently struck on the side of his head. We drove Tyler to the closest hospital on the island, Rand Memorial. Tyler gradually became more alert, but the doctor examining him suspected a skull fracture under the large gash in his head. He went on to say that Tyler would need to be transported off the island for further care as the CT scan was not working. He made some calls requesting transport, which is when we met Dr. Greissman and his air transport team. They immediately took control of Tyler's care and before we knew it we were landing in Fort Lauderdale where an ambulance waited to take us to the PICU. Tyler needed surgery to repair his depressed skull fracture, and, after meeting with the pediatric neurosurgeon, no time was wasted getting him to the operating room. Tyler made a speedy recovery with the help of Dr. Greissman and his colleagues, and we were discharged and allowed to return home to North Carolina in five days.

Words cannot express how grateful we are for having our son returned to us in perfect health, and although we would never want to relive that day, it is comforting to know that the dedicated professionals of Pediatric Critical Care of South Florida are there when you need them the most.